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Freitag: sustainability is not strategy, but a belief

In the series of exclusive interviews on the topic of “material” for our magazine Soul Design II, brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag were a “must” to interview, as they were among the first to adopt a circular economy model.

Paolo Tormena: material is equilibrium

When we talk about “Italianity” and innovation, we must talk about the extraordinary Henge, which in just over ten years has become an international point of reference for Made in Italy design.

Paolo Bestetti

When a material acquires more value. “Uniqueness is a term that should be used sparingly. This is especially true in the world of design, where deja vu is standard.” Thus begins Paolo Bestetti, CEO of Baxter, in an exclusive interview in the new issue of Soul Design by L’Ambiente.

Alessandro Melis: material as an intermediary between man and nature

The release of the second issue of Soul Design took place in conjunction with one of the most prestigious events of the year: the XVII Venice Biennale of Architecture.

“Ombretta Dal Zin: “A house built with the right materials is a house that you feel is your”

The new issue of Soul Design is a journey to discover the material element, and how it represents the first step in the creation or renovation of a living space.