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“Ombretta Dal Zin: “A house built with the right materials is a house that you feel is your”

The new issue of Soul Design is a journey to discover the material element, and how it represents the first step in the creation or renovation of a living space.
The concept of “material”
The concept of “material” embodies a kaleidoscope of different meanings and nuances: are we talking about visual perception, smell, touch or colour? This is how Ombretta Dal Zin, owner of L’Ambiente Group, interprets it. “Material is anything you can touch. Any element that transfers sensations and emotions to us, through tactile contact. “Contact” is precisely entering into a relationship with what surrounds us, which is why when I think about material, I first start with touch, as it can be mouldable, transformable, fixed, diversified in a thousand different ways, but the first impact that I have is touch. Then from here we can interpret the material through sight, hearing and even smell, where there are materials that give off scents, perfumes, and essences.” A material living concept is capable of dialogue within environments and contexts, in a complementary or contrasting sense. This is why the selection of materials for a living space is a priority, also in relation to the features of the surrounding geographical area. “It is essential to help people understand the importance of using local materials. For example, here in Cortina the use of materials such as wood, marble, iron – all processed by local artisans – is well suited. This is another important element for us, that of collaborating with master local artisans capable of creating something unique that is consistent with traditions.” In fact, the Materioteca L’Ambiente is located right in Cortina. It is a showroom dedicated to material, which allows an immersion in hundreds of colours, textures and materials to assist professionals and clients in identifying the best combination for their creations. “After we have entered into a relationship with the customer, and understand the needs, lifestyle, and how they want to live in the house, the material library becomes fundamental as it is the basis from which to start to interpret the customer’s thoughts [..] It is through this that we create the most suitable moods for creating the right space.” Would you like to read the entire interview?