— bACK

Duplex apartment

The dream is to return in the evening to an environment that makes us feel pampered, a space where we really feel at home.
Highlighted in this living room is the calibrated, purposeful design approach, where understated, linear furniture elements in light shades marry the materiality of wood and the rough iron structure of the staircase. As a backdrop we find a custom wallpaper that acts as a link between one floor and another of the house. The organization of spaces has been designed and optimized to make it more fluid, with embraces of volumes that take us from one area to another without interruption. The lighting system, through artfully designed recessed elements, creates variable plays of light that are essential for a perfect atmosphere. When design is synonymous with innovation, it becomes an added value. Edited by L’Ambiente Showroom in Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL)