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“Designing by simplifying to extrapolate the essence.”
This was the origin of Tense by the designers Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga.
Tense represents the core, the primary concept of table design. So authentic and minimalist, it adapts to the most varied contexts, in both residential and contract spaces.

Tense is the essence of a table, expressed by its immense consistency with regard to shapes and finishes. Identical finishes are available for the legs and the top in a single-material, conveying compactness and contemporary style. With its simple appeal, this table conceals a technological core, enclosed in the panel of the top. With its internal tension, it can extend to large dimensions of up to 4 metres. Furthermore, due to the minimal thickness of the top, Tense retains its extreme lightness and stability. Tense meets all customer requirements as it comes in various sizes and colours. Fitted with a top-access socket, the table also suits the needs of professional spaces.
Brand: MDF
Designer: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Michele Cazzaniga
Anno: 2009 – 2019