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Molteni&C presents a new edition of the famous Piroscafo for its 30th anniversary.
A new front lacquered in a warm Spice colour with eucalyptus interiors re-introduces a classic in a contemporary version without betraying its origins as a rigorous yet functional piece of furniture. PIROSCAFO is a line of open or glass-door bookcases with a square-shaped metal frame. Aldo Rossi and Luca Meda designed a true design element, a large front marked by the regular pattern of windows and inspired by the façade of the Umbria Regional Administration headquarters in Perugia. Piroscafo is versatile and sophisticated storage solution for the home. It can be a bookcase in the study, a glass display case in the living room, or a cupboard in the kitchen. It is a range of open or glass-door bookcases with a square-shaped metal frame, divided into four by an internal cross, a wood or lacquered frame and a metal front lacquered in matt colours. Internal lighting can be provided with one or more LED strips and fitted to covers, central tops and shelves, along their whole length.
Brand: Molteni
Designer: Luca Meda, Aldo Rossi
Anno: 1991