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Meteo marks the beginning of a new collaboration between Kettal and Konstantin Grcic.‎ It aims to explore the largely untapped design potential of modern parasols.‎ Protection from direct sunlight is becoming a quintessential condition for our health and wellbeing.‎ The increasing impact of parasols and other sunshade systems on the planning and furnishing of modern cityscapes, recreational resorts and private dwellings gives rise to the challenge of a renewed approach to this specialized product category.‎ Building on Kettal’s expertise in outdoor furniture, the project was driven by a genuine quest for quality in design and performance: a contemporary product, comfortable to use and made of the smartest materials for effective, long-lasting protection.‎ Meteo comes in two versions: a basic model, which uses a manual pulley system, and a high-end model with an integrated gas piston to assist the opening and closing of the parasol.‎ Kettal’s own range of sunshade materials is used in combination with the brand’s standard colour palette.‎ The parasols can be fitted with two alternative types of base plate: in sheet metal or cast iron.‎
Brand: Kettal
Designer: Konstantin Grcic
Anno: 2018