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The Metallico table features a lightweight top and legs, made of 12 mm thick sheet aluminium. Solid aluminium gives this minimalist design, with its subtle yet impressive textural appeal, sturdiness and lightness, in addition to its eco-friendliness. Available in a rectangular and a square version, it can also be customised. Ideal for dining rooms and meeting areas, it comes in black or white, coated in Antique Red, Porphyry Grey and Burnished Brass, as well as in an outdoor version in black or white. The special surface finish, velvety to the touch and aesthetically refined, is achieved by applying a thick catalytic coating followed by sanding and waxing by hand to create its amazingly textural effect. The latest option for Metallico is a wooden finish for the top combined with legs coated in all available finishes. The table top (available in wood only for the rectangular version) comes in a selection of wood finishes in the Porro collection.
Brand: Porro
Designer: Piero Lissoni
Anno: 2011