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An invitation to absolute relaxation, designed to contribute comfort and elegance through the intersection of a variety of materials and techniques that allow the contemporary to dialogue with traditional methods of manufacturing. Antonio Citterio designed the Esosoft Outdoor Love Bed following the same principle that underlies the entire Esosoft family. An exoskeleton supports a shell in hand-woven fibre, similar to natural fibre. The basket, made with an elaborate weave reminiscent of ancient handiwork, is a container for the cushions that can be configured in different arrangements against the backrest as needed. Esosoft Outdoor Love Bed has a conscious soul: thanks to the work carried out by Cassina LAB, the soft padding of the cushions is made with circular materials, like polyurethane with a percentage of polyols derived from materials of biological origin and recycled PET wadding, laminated to water-repellent fabric to prevent water from penetrating the interior. Thanks to the exposed screws on the metal structure, the base can be disassembled to facilitate recycling of its components at the end of the product’s life cycle.
Brand: Cassina
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Anno: 2023