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Iconic and elegant. The desk, designed by Roberto Lazzeroni in 1990, gets its name from its original bean shape. With its elegant aesthetic and technical details, it reflects the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’, merging the designer’s vision with refined materials, skilled craftsmanship and industrial precision. Ceccotti Collezioni has the DNA to create, every time, a product with a distinct identity and high-quality craftsmanship. Just like Bean, which is made of solid American walnut. Every single step is performed according to woodworking traditions and attention to details. Its 346 components are glued together without screws by the skilful hands of our craftsmen in more than two weeks. It then takes 12 hours to do the finish and 8 hours to be painted. The process transcends some of the dynamics of mass production. Still today, visual and manual checks are carried out, such as passing millimetre-thick sheets between the drawers to check the precision of the joints.
Brand: Ceccotti
Designer: Roberto Lazzeroni
Anno: 1990